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• The Latest Amendment Date is September 14th 2014
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• The names PortfolioSports & TonyGrantIM are interchangeable and refer to the same entity
• The terms Services & Products are interchangeable and refer to any items offered for sale through this or our partner sites
• The terms Betting, Trading, Investing and Gambling are interchangeable within the context of this document


PortfolioSports makes every effort to ensure that any information or recommendations on this site are accurate and reliable. You should however be aware of the following points and request clarification of any parts that you do not understand before following any information or recommendation posted on this site.


1. Gambling Is Inherently Risky.
Whether referred to as trading, betting or investing, it all boils down to one term which is gambling. You should carefully consider whether engaging in gambling of any form is right for you.


2. Only Use Money That You Can Afford To Lose.
It is a statement seen everywhere and for good reason. It is too easy to get carried away when betting and this should never be allowed to impact on your personal finances or put risk on any essential personal requirements such as money for your home, your bills or your food.


3. Perform Your Own Due Diligence.
The information found on this site is for entertainment and education. It is never intended to encourage gambling without undertaking your own additional research and understanding.


4. Past Performance Can Not Guarantee Future Results.
Betting systems that are featured on this site, or are promoted through third-party links may show results from the past. Whilst we do make every effort to ensure that these results are accurate, they cannot be used as absolute proof of similar results in the future. If betting was so predictable, there would be no betting at all.


5. Third-party Products
PortfolioSports may offer links to other betting resources, such as betting tipsters, software or bookmaker sites. While we do make every effort to ensure they are a valuable addition to your betting portfolio, we cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from following these third-party links.


6. Affiliations.
You should assume that any links from this site to third-party sites or products will result in a payment of some form to the owners of PortfolioSports. Although this should not prejudice our evaluation of any product, you should remain aware of this relationship when making your decisions. Any payment to us by third-party organisations will not affect the price you pay for any service.


7. Liabilities and Responsibilities.
PortfolioSports cannot be held responsible for any losses or wins incurred as a result of using our systems, software or tipster services or any of the systems, software and tipster services that we might recommend.


8. Guarantees.
No guarantees are made with regard to results or financial gain from using any of the products and services mentioned on this website. All forms of betting carries some risk and it is your responsibility to make informed decisions on bets made with or without assistance from our products and services.


9. Legality.
Online gambling is illegal in certain states of the USA and many other countries. It is your responsibility to find out about your local laws in regards to gambling and if forbidden, you should not even consider using any of the information or systems recommended or advertised on this website.


10. Age Restrictions.
It is usually a legal requirement to be at least 18 years of age to be involved in any gambling activity although this can vary between states and countries.
We assert that any visitor to this site is at least 18 years of age and request any visitor below this age to leave with immediate effect.
If payments are required for certain access, then this is primarily to ensure those with access are over 18 years of age.


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