Thank You For Visiting A Portfolio Sports Site

If you have been directed here after signing up for one of our services, I would like to extend my personal welcome and thanks to you.

“Before we get going, will You make me a promise today? Will you please give Portfolio Sports a fair chance, with an open mind and optimism? We understand you may have had less than great experiences with other services in the past, but we hope you can put that to one side and let our team prove ourselves to you. We genuinely care about YOU and we care about YOUR personal success more than you may believe. So do we have a deal?”


Our Mission

The Team at Portfolio Sports work very hard to make sure you get the best advice each and every day. We are pretty confident that we will deliver profits over and over again, even from the very first few days of being with us.

Our intention is to reach for 10pts profit per week from any site, whether it is from Portfolio Sports, Fast Faves, Bet You Can Win or any of the other sites in our network.

We base our staking on £10 Level Stakes and suggest all LAY BETS use Liability Staking, which means that your maximum loss would be £10 on any bet, either BACK or LAY.

We do understand you might want to make even more money once you have faith in our systems. This is only natural but we might suggest it is better for you to find a balance between the amount of bets you follow agaisnt the size of stakes you make. More bets might not lead to more money as when you use too many systems at one time, they can become counter-productive.

It is also a fact that no matter how well we do, our services might not quite fit your style of betting, you might not find the tips to be exactly what you were looking for, or you simply might not like our aftershave.

That’s fine, we understand and hope that you find exactly what you seek across the many sites and services on offer on the internet.


Our Guarantee

If you decide that our services are not for you, then you are able to unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe links at the bottom of each and every email.

If you are signed up to more than one alert, you will need to make sure you unsubscribe from each. This is just the way we have it configured, hopefully to make sure you can more easily get what you need and get out of what you don’t.

We don’t offer refunds purely because we don’t charge for any of our services.

If you have bought any service through any links on our sites, then you can always ask for our help, but any refunds would be from the person or company you actually bought the service from.

There are links on our sites that could lead to affiliate payments to us. This won’t affect the price you pay and the money doesn’t come to us directly so we cannot issue refunds for this.

There is an option on each of our sites to Say Thanks.

This is a way for you to send us a small token gesture for any profits we deliver to you.

We do not expect it but sometimes it does give us all a nice cosy glow to think that someone is happy with what we do.

The payment options on the Say Thanks page are deliberately low. After all, we don’t want you to regret sending us money the next time a selection loses.

We also would like it to be a statement that our main income is made from following our own advice rather than from selling it.

So, if you respect what we do, whether winning or not, you can Say Thanks at any time and we will Say Thanks for that appreciation.


So there you have it, our guarantee to You.


Please always remember, we are real people, trying to find real ways to make real money. We never intend to offend or upset you and would always request that you treat us the same. A positive mindset is one of the very first steps towards success!

Tony Grant, Owner & Publisher of PortfolioSports