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The 1053 Method by Dave Pickering – Review

Portfolio Sports Review of The 1053 Method

On 13th September 2022, the team at Portfolio Sports set out on a new system trial.
This trial and review is for The 1053 Method by Dave Pickering.
On the face of it, The 1053 Method is a combined Backing and Laying strategy designed to reduce loss while capitalising on the winners.

The Initial Offer

It all started out with an email landing in my in-box.
The offer sounded intriguing so I decided to dig deeper and take a look.
Here is what was stated in that initial email:

40p per day will net you £1000 this month

If someone asked you to invest £11 and you can expect to return £1000 or more over the next month, you’d say YES! Right?
Find me a savings account that can offer that kind of potential. You can’t even expect that kind of margin from a stock market guru or a hedge fund.
This is because the risk required in the market to generate that kind of a return would be astronomical!


The 1053 Method is all about managing risk, while also maximising your profit potential. And the best part is that its scaleable.
If you start out with £10 stakes, you can expect to return around £1000 in a months time. As your bank grows, so does your profit potential. Double your stake. Double the profit potential.
The key is managing down the risk of losses, and the 1053 Method has your risk of losses managed down to just 4%.

Right now, you can save 63% off the normal membership fee so now is the time to get on board and give it a try.

The Sales Page

If you followed the links above, you would end up on the sales page, which does explain the strategy quite openly really, but the offer is not so much about the actual strategy, but more about the tipping that is based on it.

The offer states that: Every morning you will receive an email from me to the address you provided after paying for my service. I aim to get this to you as early as possible, always before noon, but usually around 10-11am.
Contained in each email will be instructions on what we will be betting on for the day, and the type of bet we will be utilising.
As I already mentioned on my main page, you will need a Betting Exchange account, which is because the system depends upon lay betting to offset the back betting stakes.

The Trial & Review

As with all of our reviews, Portfolio Sports is performing this in total independence of the tipster or tipster platform.

You will see every detail of the process we followed, our stakes, and the overall system profitability over 7-days and 28-Days to give a clearer understanding of how the long term success of this system are.

If you don’t have time to review the daily reports, you can opt-in for our weekly review, where we summarise all system tests that are ongoing.

PortfolioSports have purchased a paid subcription for the purpose of this test and review.


This section will be updated with noteworthy comments as the review progresses to make it easier for you to decide whether to follow this system or not.

Good luck to us and to all who follow!

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