Top 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

Top 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

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  1. Uh, I hate these fake "documentaries" – can trust a great deal of their facts. It's worse that some facts are true – so people could believe they are learning all facts.
    Please do a little more research.

  2. Appaloosas are not fast. They have been used for racing against other appaloosas. One of the first horses of the Indians were the appaloosas. The reason why they were the first was because the appaloosa was the easiest horse to catch on foot. Also the quarter horse is America’s favorite breed of horse and can beat the thoroughbred at the quarter mile. You can disagree with me if you want, but I know my facts about horses better than most people.

  3. Hey I have a 22 yr old Therobred, and A 17 yr old Quarter horse! And a 8 yr old Mustang, also a 3 yr old Mini Pony :/ he's in my profile picture lol he a goofball.

  4. Appaloosas are not a breed!!! They are a type/color!!! You can have an appaloosa quarter horse, or many other breeds…there is an appaloosa registry; but it includes horses of many different breeds that have an appaloosa coat. Meaning; whatever the breed, it is eligible for registry as an app. So long as it has the coat type. Appaloosas being a breed is a common mistake many people make.

  5. The black forest horse represents the food it has been eating to show the brown skin and blond hair. This is how the breed went through its evolutionary change from another type. As all my nazi friends will agree! DNA changing occurs in the food types we eat over a period of time.

  6. Here's the thing with the American quarter horse I hear. The main reason why it is considered the most popular in the world and has the biggest population by this video is because America has the largest horse population than any country living inside it. Quarter horses are actually a breed that originated in the U.S. I asked one time what other Europeans or people from other countries thought of the horse and if they used it a lot too. The answer is they do not use them that often unless they are having a rodeo event happening or a cowboy like event. They also only use them for certain kind of competitions (one that I can't remember the name of) that is not very posh. I think you can describe them as the blue collar like competitions. They do not consider them to be something you find upper class people use for their posh competitions or sports. A person said its because they're more suited for competitions or events where they can do blue collar style work or anything where they get dirty in the process. He said no breed besides them looks more majestic doing them or walking through mud or rivers. That is their niche. The rest of the world actually uses different breeds and also their native breeds too inside their country more than the quarter horse. Quarter horses are only around when they want to have something western movie related or a rodeo. This means they are popular in the world but not in the way it is unintentionally implied. They are mostly popular in the U.S. Most other countries use other different breeds but is aware and respects the quarter horse. They aren't however so infatuated they replace their favorite native breeds or others they have been using for years. They are only around for specialized events that fit their niche, and they have the most popular label because of a loophole. U.S. has the largest amount of horses and a lot of quarter horses reside there where they make up a significant amount of the population ratio there and therefore reach the most popular status.

  7. I bred a thoroughbred mare with a Percheron stallion and I got a hay of a horse . 1400 lbs and 18 hands rides like a Cadillac. He has a Smooth long gate and a jumper who can clear as high as you got sack enough to take it on. Love your horse and god will look down on you with kindness

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