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•The Latest Amendment Date is September 14th 2014
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•The names PortfolioSports & TonyGrantIM are interchangeable and refer to the same entity
•The terms Services & Products are interchangeable and refer to any items offered for sale through this or our partner sites


PortfolioSports Are Committed to Protecting Your Privacy


This Privacy Policy sets out the information that may be collected during your visit to this site and how it might be used.


Types and Uses of Personal Information

•IP Addresses – may be recorded to protect this site against fraudulent use;
•User IDs and Passwords – will be stored to provide access to any eligible member areas and/or protected content;
•Account Information – to help us contact you and offer support or service delivery;
•Contact Information – as a result of any use of our Contact Us form for the purpose of supporting your request;
•E-mail Addresses – where given, to help us maintain communication with you about our products and services;
•Sales Transactions – for the purpose of internal accountancy and reporting;

The above information will only be used for the purpose of collection and will not be adjusted, amended or distrubuted in any form whatsoever, unless you specifically consent to the new usage.


Security Measures

Your personal information is fully protected by internal security measures and no access is given to anyone other than for specific site-related interaction.
The only exception to this is if we are required to share your information in order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities or suspected fraud or as otherwise required by law.


Data Retention

TonyGrantIM will not retain your personal information longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.


Linked Web Sites

This site utilises links to other TonyGrantIM and third-party sites. While all TonyGrantIM sites are covered by the same overall Privacy Policies, we cannot assert the same commitment is made by third party site owners. We therefore encourage you to review the privacy policies on these sites.



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Consent to This Agreement

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