About Us

What is Portfolio Sports?

The site is a collection (or portfolio) of winning horse racing systems that are proven to return profits over time. The team carefully monitor the patterns and trends in order to give the best advice on any given day, accounting for variations in season, weather and form.

Advice on all sites is completely free. After all, if we can’t make enough money from our own advice, we shouldn’t be putting it out there.

There is too much smoke and mirrors in this game, that’s why we want to make sure what we do is completely out there in the open.

If you make money from our advice, and you certainly should do, then you could always Say Thanks. If not, then just tell a friend and lets grow this idea together.

When was Portfolio Sports created?

The site has been a ‘work-in-progress’ for a couple of years now, as we tried to identify the key areas of our own success.

We could have just put up any old tips, as many do, but we don’t ever want to be just another betting site. We want to make the difference to you, in whatever we deliver.

Where is Portfolio Sports based?

The main area of activity is on UK Horse Racing and our offices are located between Market Rasen and Southwell, with Nottingham, Leicester, Pontefract and Doncaster not so far away.
Despite not having any major venues within our immediate reach, it doesn’t mean we are not focussed on them and our eyes are cast over the whole British Racing scene in it’s entirity.

How will Portfolio Sports Grow?

You can find Portfolio Sports on Facebook and Twitter. We are also keen to establish other relationships with experts and the betting community so are always willing to discuss Joint Venture Partnerships with other like-minded sites.

To get in touch with Portfolio Sports, please visit our Contact Us page.

Whether you want to advertise with us, work with us or just share your thoughts, we are always happy to hear from you.